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Online Driver Education Course

MVA has temporarily authorized the classroom portion of the Driver Education course to be taught online, using a virtual classroom format with a live instructor.  The course also includes 3 in-car driving lessons, which will be scheduled later after businesses and schools in Maryland re-open.

The online course is conducted using the popular Zoom video conferencing service.  Zoom is compatible with the majority of computers and mobile devices in use today.

To participate in the online classroom portion of the course, MVA requires you to use a device with a web camera or built-in camera so that the teacher can verify each student's presence and participation in class.

For example, you can use a computer with a camera attached, or you can use a laptop, tablet, or phone with a built-in camera.

Have questions about the driver education process? Here's what you need to know.

Q: For the first day of class, what do I need to bring with me?
A: Please bring your birth certificate or your learner’s permit and a photo copy of either your birth certificate or learner's permit.  Students are not required to have a learner's permit to attend the classroom portion of the course.

You must also bring with you signed copies of the following 2 forms:
EASY METHOD POLICIES (need 1 signed copy on the first day of class)
MVA BILL OF RIGHTS FORM (need 1 signed copy on the first day of class)

Q: How do I schedule my behind the wheel lessons?
A: Once you have obtained your learner’s permit, we would ask that you receive at least 60 hours of behind the wheel lessons with your parent or guardian. This practice time can be done in a parking lot or in a low speed residential setting. The purpose of these 60 hours is so you can learn how to stop, steer and brake smoothly and effectively. Once you receive 60 hours of practice with your parent or guardian, please call our office. Students have up to 18 weeks to set up their in car lessons after completing the 30 hours classroom.  You will be immediately assigned to a Behind-The-Wheel instructor.

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